Trello Calendar Connector


Some common questions about the Trello Connector.

Why are cards with due dates not creating events in my calendar?

The most common reason for this is the sync rules defined for the board or organization are only for cards that are actually assigned to you. If you don't use assignment then the cards won't sync.

If you're using the Trello Power-Up, you can changed this on the Board sync settings.

Power up sync assigned

If you're using the web application you can unsync the Board and set it up again with it set to all cards to be synced.

Sync assigned

When I create an event in my calendar why does it not create a card in Trello?

Currently the connector doesn't create cards in Trello when you create events in your calendar. We allow for two way sync of events created by the connector from cards with due dates.

This is a feature that is on the list to be added. If you'd like to add your vote to this please email and we'll keep you up to date on progress.

Why are calendar events in strange time zones?

Most of the time, we can work out your time zone when you connect your calendar. If we can't however, this will result in a default time zone being used.

If this is affecting you, please email with the email address of your calendar account and the time zone you'd like to use and we'll update it for you.

Something else is happening.

Please email with the email address of your calendar account and we'll help you.